RHS Distillery is Accepting New Wholesale Liquor Business Accounts

Are you independent Wine and Spirits Liquor Store Owner or Manager? Bar ,Restaurant ,Club, Bistro, Pub or Café?

Are you looking for wholesale liquor and Unique, Small Batch ,Crafted in Hawaii Liquor or Spirits. Or One of Kind Liqueur or Exclusive Customized Beverages, Fortified Wines, Hard Juice or Sodas, Cocktails, Soju, Hawaiian Style Shochu, Gin , Vodka, Breadfruit Fortified Beer, Rum, Whisky?

Then you are in right place .  Shop #rhs distillery and ask us for wholesale pricing for your business. We can deliver self, through third party or through your favorite Distributor. But we have the right to sell directly to All Hawaiian Islands  licensed business as well  so You can enjoy Awesome margins. Self Pick Up available.  

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Accepting Inquiry For Breadfruit Spirit or Bounty Vodka

Special #RhsOffer for 1 Bar, Restaurant, Liquor  Store, Club, Supermarket or Wine and Spirits Distributor  

2019 Production of Breadfruit Liquor- ULUKILA- Spirit Distilled From Gluten Free Breadfruit Beer ( URU Beer  In Samoa, ULU Beer in Hawaii) by #rhsdistillery ,#bountyvodka

ULUKILA - Spirit Distilled From Polynesian Breadfruit 40% ABV,80 Proof . #ulukila can be distilled to vodka or  aged in oak barrels as #ulubrandy , brandy from Ulu-Breadfruit

Luxurious Unique Sophisticated Spirit bottled in 750 ml Nordic Bottles.

FOB $40,000 OBO( plus 30% if  needed a distributor) 

Batch 2019 , about 1,000 bottles(750ML)  will be available to 1 Bar, 

or Restaurant or Liquor Store or Distributor..

For Hawaii Business will be available as direct wholesale liquor sale. We can deliver. 

For California, New York, Wyoming and Colorado State  

delivered through LibDib Distributor (+30%)

For any other state or country ask your favorite distributor  or our  #rhsambassador to contact us about our #hawaiiliquor ,

#ulukila  can be distilled to #bountyvodka or aged in oak barrels as #ulubrandy or #ulukilabrandy , brandy from Polynesian Ulu-Breadfruit

Aloha and Mahalo for your business .

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Contact Us Regarding Customized Alcohol Beverage Formula Exclusive for Your Liquor Business, Bar, Restaurant, Liquor Store , Club, Bistro, Café or Pub.

Will Develop Unique Customized Liquor, Spirit, Liqueur, Cordial , Hard Juice or Soda, Fortified Beer,  Wine and Spirits for Free for One Lucky Business Owner. Wholesale liquor for licensed Business Owners available.

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For Liquor Wholesale or Product Development

We love our customers, so feel free to visit RHS LLC during normal business hours to discuss Your wholesale liquor or wine and spirits needs.

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