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Aloha! E Komo Mai!

 Aloha! E Komo Mai! Welcome to Royal Hawaii Spirits and #hawaiiliquor Distillery. Established in 2014 by Uncle Karl - #WillyWonka of Alcohol . #RHS Distillery, Sales, Tasting & Liquor #Wholesale is located in Honolulu Hawaii, USA.  RHS LLC is producing small batches of crafted tropical fruit spirits, unique liqueurs, #soju, #shochu, #gin,#rum, #vodka & #distilled #spirit specialties based on old and new European & Asian recipes Infused with Hawaiian tropical flavors, aromas & Aloha Spirit. 

RHS Distillery offers 100 percent locally made liquor, such as Pineapple Spirit & Brandy, Vodka, Breadfruit Spirit & Brandy, Ulukila-Breadfruit Eau-Da Vie,Cane Rum, Pink Maui Gin, Ginger Honey Cordial, Hawaii Mule, Oahu Kreem, Lilikoi Liqueur, Bamboo Booze, Rice Whisky & blended spirits such as rum, whisky, brandy, Hawaiian style soju & taro or cherry shochu. Also available are crafted flavored or  infused vodkas & a lot of “onolicious” distilled specialties such as Maui Onion Spirit, Nori Seaveed Vodka, Slivowitz, Bierschnapps, 808 #Whisky,50 #Vodka, Kona Mule, Rice Whiskey, fortified wines, hard juices & sodas. Some of the #rhs #distillery #hawaiiliquor formulas & recipes are available for bars, restaurant & liquor store private labels or shared through #rhsambassador  with other craft #alohadistilleries to make delicious one of kind #alcohol #beverages outside of the Hawaiian Islands.

Mahalo For Your Support. Karel Kon - RHS Master Distiller & Founder #royalhawaiispirits

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