Hawaii Drinks & Cocktails Made From RHS Distillery Liquor, Spirits And Distilled Specialties

Hawaii Brewed Lager,Ale or Stout Beer distilled in to Brew Spirits  or Bierschnapps by RHS LLC Distillery Honolulu HI 96817. Bierschnapps or Brew Spirits are good as Whisky, Excellent for fortified or spiked beer, adding a mineral water or soda  will make No Carbs Low Calories  Beer

Royal Hawaii Spirits Bierschnapps & Brew Spirits

RHS BierSchnapps or Beer Spirit Distilled From Pilsner, Larger ,Stout ,Ale or Artisans Beers. The best and Superior Choice to Spike or Fortified Your beer or beer cocktails from Your Favorite Brewery . Better than Soju, Vodka ,Rum or Whisky in your Beer . Its undetectable. Make Your Beer Shochu, Soju or Fortified Beer Today . #Aloha, #RHS,

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Wine ,one of the popular alcohol beverages distilled in to Wine Brandy by RHS Royal Hawaii Spirits Distillery and Liquor Wholesale in Honolulu Oahu Island, Hawaii USA .

RHS Fortified Wine, Juices ,Hard Sodas or Cider

Try RHS Royal Hawaii Spirits Apple Spirit to fortify Apple Cider , Ginger Spirit for real Moscow Mule, Turmeric or Maui Onion Spirit for Your Favorite Martinis Mix. Bacon, Spam or Chili Vodka for the best Bloody Mary Ever. Prickly Pear for Margaritas. Orange or Lemon Spirit for genuine Lemonchello and Orangechello or as triple sec ,Lihing Vodka for Pineapple cocktail. Crafted Brewery Beer  with  Beer Spirit. Ahi or Nori Vodka paired with your Favorite Seafood. Calamansi Rum or GLO Vodka for all glorious cocktail formulas..All RHS Liqueurs and Cordials are excellent over shaved ice snow cones, over poundcake,

pancakes, cupcakes, with champagne   or mixed with mineral water, club soda or fruit juices. Also used as syrup to flavor your Vodka, Rum ,Gin, Whisky, Brandy , Rice Whiskey, Soju, Shochu, Breadfruit Ulukila and Distilled Specialties .#alohadistilleries,#rhsdistillery,#royalhawaiispirits

Heavenly Cocktail made with RHS Royal Hawaii Spirits GLO Vodka, Pineapple Spirit, Maui Pink Gin, Strawberry Liqueur, Ginger Spirit and Lilikoi Flavored Vodka. rhsdistillery.com

RHS Cocktails, Herbal Liqueurs & Cordials, Bitters, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Whisky, Brandy, Shochu, Soju & UluWaiola - Water of Life

RHS  Royal Hawaii Spirits, Distilery, Tasting, Liquor Wholesale and Beverage Development . Rhs Products Samples are available. Rhs Formulas are available for contract distilling, private label, customized liquor and spirits for bars,clubs, restaurants, liquor stores and public.